Andrew Norsworthy
Aug 10, 2003
Aug 10, 2003
Aug 8, 2003
Welcome to the online home of singer/songwriter Andrew Norsworthy.
This is a shiny new site, and there is a lot of news to share. First and foremost, the past six months have seen the completion of three new CDs, all of which are available now for listening and purchase.

Stateside is Andrew's newest record, and his best as a solo artist. The thirteen tracks of spare, contemporary folk feature guest performances from drummer Josh Williams (Joran, Upwell), bassman Keith Lowe (Fiona Apple, Kelly Joe Phelps), pedal steel lick-meister Patrick Porter (Joran), and metatrader exness cellist Nancy Wharton (Weary, Down Pilot).

Seatback Graffiti (Demo Recordings, 2003) is a brand new disc of solo acoustic material available only at performances and this site, for those listeners who like it stripped down to the bone.

Last year Andrew's band Joran completed their opus, Some Low Beauty , and are eager to share it with anyone who would like to listen. With the other Joran (the mysterious Mr. Lawrence) rumored to be headed back to the States soon, the time to enjoy this disc is definitely now, before the lawsuits start to fly!

Luminous production by Shawn Simmons ties all three of these releases together. Andrew has been keeping him plenty busy at The Phantom Center's mixing board this past year and a half

You can head over to the Music section of the site to preview some sounds and read some lyrics, and visit the Store if you'd like to order a disc or two.

All of this studio activity has kept the Calendar fairly free of gigs for awhile, but that will be changing soon. Keep an eye out for a show near you as the year progresses.

Be sure to give us a holler here at the site, either by email or on the Discussion board and let us know what you'd like to see and hear, or to just say 'hello'.

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